Back to your regularly scheduled programming

Time to dust off the old blog, I have yet another class that requires weekly blog posts. I am hoping to gain much useful knowledge from the class that I am writing these for. It is a software quality and testing class and as of yet I have no formal test creating training. Since reading The Clean Coder by Uncle Bob I have realized how useful and important test driven development is. Hopefully by the end of this course I will be a TDD expert and will go forth in my career following those principles. One of my main issues when developing is I tend to get overwhelmed by what it I need to write in order to complete my goal especially as a code base increases in size and I feel like test driven development will help immensely with that issue. With a curriculum written by a professor whom I have a great deal of respect for I have no worry about whether the content will be engaging and relevant.

As for where I am in my career currently, I am a senior now. Soon I will start my search for a winter internship so that when I graduate in the summer I will have some experience working in the field. While I enjoy classes I feel like the amount you learn while actually doing the work yourself is exponentially greater than that learned in a lecture. I enjoy programming a great deal yet I find it hard to focus on what exactly to make and I would love the guidance of an internship.

My college years are ending just as quickly as they started. I have matured greatly since the start and I hope to make this year the best one yet.


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