My Intro to Open Source Development

For my Software Development Capstone, my class is working in tandem with students from other schools to contribute to the LibreFoodPantry open source project. I honestly can’t contain my excitement to get started on this project as it is my first real exposure to programming on a team and using all of the knowledge I have about Agile and Scrum to develop software. I hope that my team and I can successfully collaborate to make meaningful contributions to the project we are working on.

We are going to be developing software to aid our school’s food pantry, and because it is open source, hopefully aid many other food pantries. While reading the information on the librefoodpantry community website I found most interesting the values presented on the site. The list of FOSSisms, that is linked was a very interesting read and helped eased my stress about working on an open source project. In creating open source software we are engaged and joining a community of developers working towards a common goal. Not only that, but we have the ability to work on a project whose scope is larger than any one person could comprehend, forcing us to work as a team in order to make headway on the project. It is a public codebase which forces us to show craftsmanship in order to maintain readability and professionalism.

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